• Meet the people who will provide you a great learning experience

  • Our lecturers are carefully selected from both universities.

    A selection of the lecturers

    Prof. dr. Enno Masurel (VU)

    Co-director Master Entrepreneurship

    Courses: The Entrepreneurial Venture, Entrepreneurial Internship

    Dr. Bram Kuijken (UvA)

    Co-director Master Entrepreneurship

    Courses: The Startup Project, Venture Challenge

    Dr. Marco van Gelderen (VU)

    Associate Professor

    Courses: The Entrepreneurial Individual, Enterprising Skills

    Dr. Neil Thompson (VU)

    Assistant Professor

    Courses: The Entrepreneurial Individual, Social Entrepreneurship

    Dr. Alyssa Xingye Liang (VU)

    Assistant Professor

    Courses: The Entrepreneurial Venture, The Entrepreneurial Individual

    Dr. Rafael Ribas (UvA)

    Assistant Professor

    Courses: Entrepreneurial Finance

    Dr. Rein Denekamp (VU)


    Courses: Corporate Entrepreneurship

    Prof. dr. Nachoem Wijnberg (UvA)


    Courses: Creative Entrepreneurship

    Dr. Tsvi Vinig (UvA)

    Associate Professor

    Courses: Entrepreneurship in Science & Technology

    Dr. Elco van Burg (VU)

    Associate Professor

    Courses: Thesis Proposal Entrepreneurship

    Jan de Groot (UvA)

    Assistant Professor

    Courses: Creative Entrepreneurship

    Jeroen Mahieu (VU)

    Assistant Professor

    Courses: The Entrepreneurial Venture

  • The role of the board of advisors is to assess the quality and practical relevance of the program.

    Our awesome board of advisors

    Ruben Nieuwenhuis

    Managing Director at TechConnect

    Chairman of the board

    Irene Groenink-Verboon

    CEO and Owner at Annatommie MC

    Erik de Heer

    Associate Partner at EY, Head of EYnovationTM

    Joëlle Frijters

    CEO | Non Exec. Board Member | Tech Entrepreneur | Outside Director

    Olivier Lieshout

    Alumnus, founder at Olivier Kookt

    Arthur Oudendijk

    IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics at IBM

  • Program Committee ('20-'21)

    Dr. Jonathan Sitruk (UvA)

    Dr. Alyssa Xingye Liang (VU)

    Femke Tuijten

    Philippe Bervoets

  • A selection of our valued guest speakers

    Jacqueline van den Ende

    Partner at Peak Capital

    Johan van Mil

    Co-founder & Managing Partner at Peak Capital

    Joran Idema

    CEO at Dyme

    Jean-Paul van Oijen

    Director TWICE Eindhoven

    Tony van Velzen

    Vice president Stork Power Services Division

    Arjan van Os

    Head of Group Innovation at ABN AMRO Bank N.V.

    Vincent van der Pas

    Senior Product Manager at Booking

    Bas Lemmens

    CEO at Meetings.com

    Joël Dori

    Startup Liaison at Startup Amsterdam