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    On this page you'll find more information about how to get started with your entrepreneurial career.


    We will train you for a career in which you will assess and bring to life innovative, viable, high-quality business ideas in a number of contexts.


    Our alumni have started careers either as entrepreneur, or as employee at a startup, scale-up, or existing organisation, and in a diversity of industries.

  • Don't wait!

    Your career starts in the class room! And we will facilitate that. How?

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    Solve real-life



    During the course 'Venture Challenge' you will solve real-life challenges for a startup or scale-up. This is an excellent opportunity to show what you've got and to get hired. 

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    Interesting guest



    In most courses interesting guest speakers talk about their challenges in setting up or running a business. It's not uncommon that they are looking for talent. So connect with them!

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    Explore business



    Some courses allow you to explore your own business ideas. The program actually kicks off with such a course in which you will not only come up with a business idea but also thoroughly validate it.

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    Choose an



    We encourage you to do an internship. It allows you to further put your knowledge into practice and you gain some relevant experience in a company.

  • Now check out the career trajectories the Master Entrepreneurship offers

  • Career trajectories

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    Work at a startup or scale-up

    As Amsterdam hosts one of the largest startup hubs in Europe, there will be plenty of opportunities to work for a startup or scale-up. Already during the program you will meet some of them through guest talks and real-life challenges.

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    Work at an established organisation

    More and more organisations are applying new venturing initiatives such as incubation programs. Many organisations are looking for entrepreneurial graduates to help them bring to life innovative business ideas.

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    Become an entrepreneur

    During the program we provide you many opportunities to start exploring business ideas. Also after the program there is plenty of assistance available to increase the chance of setting up a successful business.

  • Work at a startup or scale-up

  • Work at an established organisation

  • Become an entrepreneur


    • Startup and Running: Upload your startup profile and get exposure, find co-founders and startup mentors.






    • ASIF: A venture capital fund, run by students.


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