• Become more entrepreneurial.

    The Master Entrepreneurship makes you more entrepreneurial, which not only benefits you as an employee or entrepreneur but also as a person.

  • This joint master is offered by two universities and provides many benefits (such as two networks, best lectures from both universities, etc.), but is also the reason that we have two separate systems in place and offer you services from both universities.


    This website informs you about course and exam registration, career opportunities, where to go and who to reach at the different universities in case of questions.

  • An exciting program offering you a unique combination of theory and practice making you more entrepreneurial through knowledge, skills, and attitude.

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    Gain crucial and practically relevant theories on entrepreneurship

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    Put your knowledge into practice through real life challenges and cases

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    Choose an internship and develop your own startup if you want

  • Spread your love for the Master Entrepreneurship and get rewarded! For each student you recruited you will receive a monetary reward.