• Are you ready?

    The Landing Page Challenge

  • The Challenge


    Build a landing page

    ⏱ 20 minutes!

    Logo, header image, slogan, call to action (e.g. signup)


    Also check the landing page canvas.


    Below you'll find some useful tools. Make sure to divide the tasks otherwise you run out of time.


    Promote landing page URL

    ⏱ 10 minutes

    • Write a short promotional text
      • Such as: "We're working on a new startup! We will launch soon but if you're curious to know more, check out our landing page and sign up to get updates." OR "We're on a mission to BLADIBLA. Interested to know more and how this could benefit you? Check out our landing page!"
    • Share this and the url in your own network
    • Search for relevant facebook/linkedin groups to share your text and url

    Run a 5 seconds test

    ⏱ 5 minutes

    • Create the test here
    • Share this test in your own network
  • Some useful sites and tools

    Landing page

    Use a similar setup as you find here.

    These days there are plenty of landing page builders. We often use Strikingly, but feel free to pick one you like.

    Startup name

    Be funky, be creative.

    Need help 👉 here.


    No design skills? No worries. Generate logos online:

    Tailor Brands (tip: screenshot)

    Hipster Logo Generator


    Your headline should be clear, short, focussed and trigger emotion.

    Need help? Go here.

    Or if you run out of inspiration 👉 Slogan Generator 

    Call to Action

    What do you want a visitor to do? Some examples of clickable CTA's:

    • Buy now
    • Get updates
    • Sign up
    • Subscribe
    • Enrol

    Header Image

    Choose an appealing, beautiful and relevant header image. Unsplash offers free high resolution images.

    Three main benefits

    Use the power of three. Mention three benefits why customers should become your customer.