• We challenge our students to write a master thesis that is relevant.

    Entrepreneurs and companies may greatly benefit from the insights.

    To make this reality, our students need your help!

    Help can take the form of conducting an interview, filling out a survey or providing cases.

  • Imme Degreef

    My thesis is focusing on the formation of an entrepreneurial team. The questionnaire will take about 7 minutes of your time.


    To show my gratitude, I offer you a reflection report (concerning personality and team formation).

    Camilia Brande

    My thesis is about Entrepreneurial Burnout.


    I believe it is important to discover the psychological reasons behind an entrepreneur's decision to keep going through a burnout even when the awareness is created.

    Lisa Poelen

    My thesis is focussing on the sustainable entrepreneur in the fashion industry, it focuses on entrepreneurial thought processes.

    If you have a sustainable fashion startup, I am very eager to interview you!

    Lars Jungerius

    I am looking for all kind of entrepreneurs, in order to:

    1. Test for the presence of biases in their decision making 
    2. Make them aware of the presence and consequences of these biases by developing an e-learning tool. Eventually contributing to a lower fail-rate among entrepreneurs due to less unwanted mental errors

    Entrepreneurs could help by filling in my survey and signing up as volunteers to test my e-learning tool.

    Eline de Haan

    My thesis explores how mission driven scale ups experience striving for positive impact, profit and growth.


    I am looking to interview founder/CEOs of social enterprises that are scaling and discuss any frictions they might experience and how they deal with this.


    For the interview I will need 45min of your time. Thanks for your interest!

    Flo Schepers

    My thesis is on the Impact measurement of investments and the underlying reasons of measuring impact.


    I am looking for people who work in the impact investing industry and who assess the social or environmental returns of their investments.

    Matthijs de Coo

    As the founders team influences the success of startups greatly: this thesis researches the effect of the composition of the founders team on the success of an early-stage startup.


    I am looking to interview founders of innovative startups between 2 & 5 years old. Your help would mean a lot!

    Maria Avgousti

    Based on the 30 elements of value theory, I am trying to use the CoronaVirus situation as a lenses through which to study consumer preferences.


    Entrepreneurs interested in finding out more about which elements consumers value the most today will maybe find this interesting!


    Looking to talk to entrepreneurs active during the quarantine, or even better, entrepreneurs who founded a company during this time!

    Lisa Ruiter

    I am investigating the well-being of entrepreneurs!

    Filling in this survey will take around 5 minutes of your time.


    In return, I will offer you a final report of this study.

    Iulia Branescu

    This questionnaire allows for a crucial break of self-reflection for any entrepreneur. Many entrepreneurs have founded businesses in order to increase their mental well-being and happiness. But, how many have managed to do so?


    Maybe this questionnaire can help remind you to give yourself permission to worry about yourself a little bit more and make changes that will better accommodate your personal needs and wants. Take care :)

    Elias Mussali

    The fashion industry can serve as a vehicle where people can express themselves with confidence, on the other hand, it can also feature negative practices which can take place throughout the lifecycle of a brand or product.

    The purpose of this thesis is to create awareness and education on various environmental strains the fashion industry has and the way it amounts to our current climate change crisis.

    Diego Chaparro

    The purpose of my thesis is to find out how the Shared economy platforms can leverage their success on the Peer to Peer Trust, The trust in the platform´s technology and the use of breakthrough technologies such as Blockchain.


    To accomplish this goal the participation in my study of young entrepreneurs, Master students and Tech Lovers will give me great insights.

    Rik Kroese

    My thesis will focus on someone’s need for autonomy in relations to the decision to become an entrepreneur. I believe this is relevant in order to find factors indicating the transition from employment to self-employment/entrepreneurship.


    For my research I am looking for currently employed participant willing to take a 3 minute anonymous survey. Thanks you very much in advanced!

    Ariana Schmikli

    I'm writing a personal report for every entrepreneur who wants to recognize unique goal setting strategies that will help them enhance their firm performance, based on their personality (all based on scientific research!).


    If they do not want to receive a personal report, they are still helping out entrepreneurs (to be) to improve firm performance and goal setting strategies.

    More will follow